How can this be done?

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the bundle of tubes is cut off along the border of the sphere in which they are placed

Actually the tubes are all cut using planar cuts. That means you can’t just run a boolean intersection between the tubes and the sphere. You have to figure out what the sphere tangent plane is at the centre of each tube and cut using those.

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Yes , logical circumcision did not work (((

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Something like this: tubes (21.9 KB)

The tubes have no thickness right now.
And you have to set the tolerance in your rhino file really low like 0.000001, otherwise it fails.
I have used a hexagonal grid as a base, because that gives the densest circle packing.

thank you, fantastic

I would not have thought of it , it is too difficult to understand , I will try to understand

I’m sorry, it’s a bit messy. :innocent:
I have done it quickly, and I think it can be done more nicely.

Walk through it step by step.

Ok , thank you )) . Good lesson for me ).

Well, as David mentioned above, the cuts in the example given are planar…

Here’s a solution with planar cuts. (24.8 KB)


Hi , Martin Siegrist . Thank you )

Thanks all for help , but I’m trying to check out other ways .
Why don’t I get the right tubes ? (9.5 KB)

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That’s right

I understand what’s going on, thanks for the inspirational tips )) (7.5 KB)

You need to cut the sphere in half !

Once again, thank you all for your help , very helpful .

While studying the algorithms that you kindly provided me with as a very useful help , I tried to write another one based on them . And now the question is: how do I make thick tubes ? (14.6 KB)

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How to close loft ?

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When I close the loft I get an error ((

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This looked fun, so even though you already have some good feedback and models, I had a play with it. Got a little bogged down in the details… Good response to param changes. (42.0 KB) (35.6 KB)