How can I to select all the object of applied material by plugin?

any function to do it, thx!

@l1407, for which render engine ?


vray, maxwell, thea, thx

Below script was tested for vray, maxwell and the rhino renderer. I do not have thea renderer to test against. It selects by the plugin which is set current under:

Render > Current Renderer

Assignments could have been done by Object or by Layer. For the latter, objects are selected if they are placed on a layer which has a material assigned by the current plugin. (1.9 KB)


If you’re in the V-Ray Material Editor, just select any material.
Right-click and choose “Select All Objects Using This Material” from the fly-out menu.

Hi Dave,

the script posted above does not involve specific material names. It just selects all objects with materials assigned by a specific plugin id. (the current render plugin). To select a certain material by its name, this command can be used too:


This seems to work with vray, maxwell and the built in rhino renderer. I guess if thea assigns material names in rhino, it might work as well.


thank you very much for your help!