How can I tag and label beams in triangle grid?

Hi. I have a triangle grid mesh and I want to code each beam with a unique name depending on the position of that beam on the surface. I figured out a system to sort all beams in 4 types (Number 0 to 3) and arrange them by neighbor nodes which have codes depending on row and column position on the surface.
Now I want to 3dtag each beam with full name that shows the exact position of the beam on surface.(Image Below: Naming System)
I have sorted beams in order from bottom to top. (2nd Image: 4 types in ~40 branches.)!

2nd Image shows node names and beam numbers and combination of two to make the full label.

This looks like a relatively straightforward graft + text join operation, but the link in your first post seems to be broken - can you upload your gh file again?

Yeah I know. Problem is I have no experience in Text and Tag. Here I Upload GH file and Rhino file but Kangaroo And TT Toolbox is needed as I used some components in definition.
Triangle grid.rar (2.2 MB)

I don’t have the TT Toolbox plugin, but it doesn’t look necessary for your issue - could you ‘cut off’ the components to the left of the coloured groups by internalizing the inputs?

See point no. 3 here:

Internalized data.Internalized.rar (2.5 MB)

Hmm… your data isn’t organized in the same way as your illustration, and the topmost group still uses a TT Toolbox plugin which I couldn’t open, but here’s the basic idea applied to one of the groups: (255.7 KB)

Hopefully that gives you enough to work with :slight_smile:

Thanks. This is helpful. This discussion is a help for me to better understand tags and text and more important how to ask questions on forum by the way.:grin: