How can I save Rhino drawings in a way they can be edited in Solidworks?

I have tried to save the drawings in different ways:
IGES solidworks surfaces,IGES solidworks surfaces,IGES solidworks default, ACIS and STEP but I get the answer from my collegue who is working in Solidworks 2014 that he can open the drawings but can NOT edit/modify them.
Is there an other extension I should save the Rhino drawings in.

Did they run FeatureWorks to get SW to recognize features?

Thanks Wim, I will ask them tomorrow

Just to clarify a bit - it depends on what kind of changes that need to be done in SW. It should be possible to cut holes and make bosses on the ‘dead’ geometry that gets imported via STEP / IGES but in order to change the diameter of an existing hole or to change the radius of existing fillets, those features need to be recognized by SW first.

You may find interesting this video from Simply Rhino about Solidworks and Rhino Interoperability.

hope this help,

Thank you Laborda, the video is very useful and something I can share with my co worker