How can I realize a elastic curve goes through a rigid pipe using Kangaroo? using collision?

Hi everyone,


I try to let a elastic curve goes through a rigid pipe, then the curve will be bend by the pipe, at last, I wish the curve can stay in the pipe (like the red dot line shows). curvetrhoughpipe.3dm (122.5 KB)

I know Kangaroo is so powerful to do this. Any suggestion and idea is appreciated!

Like this? (29.5 KB)

Thank you so much, Daniel!
the right part seems good. The left part seems some wired (if I image a wire is in this tube, the left part should be higher). Let me have a detailed study of your code.

Now I understand, you fixed the two ends, thus that happens.
I tried to cancel the fixation, but the wire flies. Is there any way let the ends move freely also?
Thanks again!

Or, Danie, the question now is, how can I create an elastic wire with two free ends?
Thank you.

Fortunately, I found your tutorial work of bending rods, which resolves my problem :slight_smile:
Thank you for providing such a nice tool! I love Kangaroo!!