How can I randomly divide a list of surfaces in 3 separate lists?

Hi guys,

I have a list of 126 surfaces which I am trying to divide into 3 separate lists, each of 43 elements, but selected randomly and not one after the other. I managed only to separate them one after the other, as see in in the photo. How can these be randomized before creating the sublist?


Why you ask for help without sharing your definitions? people can’t recreate everything

You can use Jitter or Random. (11.5 KB)

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Thanks a lot!!

The existing definition was simply a surface component, I thought posting a screenshot of a nonexistent code is redudant. Apparently it could be recreated, as seen below. Why comment if you can’t help?

Read this : How to ask effective questions
And if you want help don’t wait people to recreate definitions for you

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