How can I position a set of points in 3D space which have known dimensions between them?

Imagine a triangular shaped wall about 95inch wide at base, 1ft at top, 8ft tall with a brick buttress 2ft wide down the middle, so making the wall two triangles in effect, the front face of the buttress sloping inwards to wall from its base to its top.
I have placed markers following the brick courses, spaced a few bricks apart, on the left wall, 3 lower down , 3 midway up and 2 near wall top, this repeated to right of buttress, also up the side of the buttress and on its front face and measured between them so dimensions form triangles.
Is there a way of creating points which relate to each other with these distances, and have Rhino place them all after they are allocated dimensions into 3D space.

As if the markers were nuts (as in nuts and bolts nuts !) , string tied between the nuts and magic wand gets waved, and the nuts take up position in 3D space with strings all taught !



I would use construction geometry.
Draw arcs, circles, or spheres the desired distances from your reference points.
Where they all intersect is your “tight string” point.