How can I opt out of this annoying bar?

Don’t know who’s idea this is. If this is the beginning of ads banners inside this forum or just a “nifty” way of passing information that is anyway done by someone spamming using Bob McNeel’s account. Anyway, just stating my opinion - It’s annoying. I wish to opt out of it.

Hi Ivelin,

Much of our development team will be in NYC this week to announce two new Rhino development platforms.

If you are in NYC and interested these new Rhino development platforms, consider attending.

The announcement will go away in a couple of days.

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I’m not quite as annoyed as Ivelin, since he actually complained to you, but annoyed nonetheless. Strangely enough the most annoying aspect to me is that every day I see “BREAKING NEWS!!!” (well, that’s how I see it). Why don’t you tone it down and shorten up the time period for messages that go above the forum? Otherwise a normal news topic is just fine with me and after I read it I won’t see it again. As much as I love you folks, I won’t be making a special trip to New York to learn about this. I’ll just pick it up from whatever electronically linked sources you create.


Yes. Thanks.

Hello Mr. McNeel,

I understand the importance of this event but doesn’t this message lose its value after it has been read? There isn’t even a close button to it. My annoyance is due to the fact I cannot make it go away. After user reads it and has decided to go to NY he/she can put it in one’s calendar. Or not if it is of no interest. Either way there is no sense for user who has seen it to still have it appear.

I would prefer the announcements someone is sending with your account to be send like this message, as long as I have control over the messages I have already seen.

Best Regards,

I think we have been a bit spoiled here by mild to none marketing and advertising noise cluttering the Discourse or Rhino website.
After all, McNeel is a business and it is up to them what and how to market their products and services announcements. While the “Breaking News” usage was a bit funny, I think its not that big of a deal to put up for a few days with an announcement of a product or service that may be quite a big step in the future Rhino-universe development.


I use all sorts of ways to block annoying ads, if I have to I’ll block separate elements from this forums too. But I don’t think their idea is monetizing these kinds of messages. If that happens though, that would be pitty.

I’m finding it interesting that announcing new “features” that don’t cost existing users anything is annoying.

We do know from our experience and studies show that we need to see or hear a message about 6 times before they are aware of it. If you don’t believe that, just ask your spouse. :slight_smile:


Statistical Research does not cover everyone, hence the phrase ‘statistics excerpt’. Those that are annoyed after the second display were either not in the study or were excluded when calculating the mean value (removing the two extremites). Does that mean they don’t exist or their opinion doesn’t matter, being outweigh from the mass who isn’t observant enough or don’t care what they see on the screen?

I visit the forum 10s to 100s of times a day and this message pops up everytime. As I said before, either put a close button or allow users to opt out of it. Another way would be to make it appear only on the root topics instead of it being always there on each and every sub-sub-topic.

New features are good thing to know, but if you can’t touch it what is the point?

If they are released and you can touch it, what is the point of having the announcement about a new function when you’re already using it?

Anouncement of a training for that new feature, now that’s a good thing, but still not invasive like this “breaking news” message, rather just a topic in the “News” section.

@bobmcneel, that got me thinking.
If you decide to remove the two extremites of the IQ bell curve and value only the opinions of average minded people what will be the result?
What if you hire in McNeel only the average minded because statistically their opinion matter the most?

“sounds” how? When you don’t know how to pronounce it? :smiley:

Haha, funny you should say this. I go by Ivo [i:vo]. Friends and family call me that.
I was part of this project, and a colleague of mine mentioned me as Ivo to the project manager before I actually joined the project. The guy thought I was called Evil for the time beeing. :joy:

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Is that message still on for my benefit?

It’s 29th already.

The office is just opening now.
We’re in Seattle.

I don’t really see how this is relevant but, ok.

The message states “on 25th”, not “starting 25th”, which was last Thursday. Assuming it started and ended on that day.

Update: I just decided to click on the link, it was actually until 28th.
So, my appologies.

The bar is gone now when you refresh the page. The event was all weekend long and something we (at least I) am pretty proud of.

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@stevebaer, I did not question the significance of the event. Certainly if I was living in US or NY area, I would’ve attended without a doubt.

But that message done like that was so **** annoying.
This kind of message is if a hurricane is about to hit, or if Rhino7 is about to be released, or if McNeel switch to database instead of file-based system. Not for some meeting somewhere on the other side of the Atlantic.

Or even a day’s drive away on the same side of the Atlantic. But I believe you’ve made your point and your persistent beating of this dead horse is becoming more annoying than the original infraction. Can we leave it alone now?

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