How can I move vertices of a polygon

Dear all,

I want to adjust a texture map to a texture:

I’m wondering if it is possible to align the individual vertices to the contour of the texture somehow?
I know I could draw an additional texture however in my case it is important to use the same material for all involved structures.

Thanks a lot for your help!

select the mesh and press F10 to enable point/vertex selection. in this case you can use the Bend tool on those vertex to align them closer to the texture pattern:

You can try with the symetry option inside the Bend command to make it quick

Hi Cyana - I would draw curves on the texture - two arcs, it looks like - and two more on the corresponding edges of the mesh. Then turn on control points for the mesh and, one side at a time Flow the points from the second (mesh edges) curve to the corresponding first arc.


Hi Diego,

Thanks for your reply - I tried a combination of bending, shearing and stretching, however the result is not really satisfying …

Hi Pascal,

thanks for your reply - this sounds promising, I will give it a try and let you know :slight_smile:

Hi Pascal and Diego,

actually the F10 trick was what I was looking for, I recently got a new keyboard that is Mac compatible and the F keys were disabled - but now it works perfect - thanks a lot!