How can I mark a point in a surface like that?

I need to mark a point on an inclined surface. Is there any function in Rhino that makes that in a specific coordinate at the plane of the surface?

I made that blue point in Paint.

My second doubt is how can I know the global coordinate of a point?

Thank you guys.

My file is attached here. I forgot that.

Aframarx Oil tanker.3dm (890.7 KB)

EvaluatePt gives the world and CPlane coordinates of a point.

Numerous ways to put a point on a surface. If you know two coordinates, for instance x and z, first create a point on the XZ (front view) CPlane, then use Project to put the point on the surface.

Hi Kelvin - the Point command with the OnSrf osnap is one way to get a point object onto a surface.


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Hi pascal,

Does the python have OnSrf Osnap code?

I answered this in another thread