How can I manipulate the domain values? for {0 to 185}, how can i get the range of 185?

I am confused of the domain values. After I set the domain, it seems nothing I can do for it. For example, for this domain, I can’t export its max and min, or calculate its range.



Why don’t you use “construct domain” and input the numbers what you want? or explain a little more the problem

construct domain + range

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Thank Joseph and Ghoul, for your king reply.
Maybe I am not so clear. I set the domain as {0 to 185} using panel. Then I want to get the length of the domain, should be 185-0=185. Or {2 to 15}, the length is 13. How can I calculate the length in GH for a domain defined in panel?

Stop with the panel approach and use the proper components. This question has been answered.


Thank you Joesph! I will take your advice and suggestion.


Wow, Kim, it’s like a magic! Thanks!