How can I make Wallacei not prohibit rhinoceros command when running?

I’m doing a research on the optimization of virtual reality scene. The virtual reality scene is connected to the rhinoceros model, so I need to call the rhinoceros command. I called the rhinoceros command in ghpython, but it failed when running wallacei.
So,how can I make Wallacei not prohibit rhinoceros command when running???

Hi, can you please give me more information? what command are you calling? what is the structure of the workflow?

Hello, what I’m going to do is to optimize the building space through human EEG. People wear VR glasses to observe. The objects in GH are real-time bake and change. The rhino commands are selected to select the objects that have just been created, and then deleted. When I run Wallace, the rhinoceros command cannot be invoked. I solved this problem through GH internal commands, but Wallace does disable the rhinoceros command automatically when running optimization.


I attempts to establish an optimization method to optimize building space elements in real time using human psychological indicators, In this method, the specific indexes of mediation value and attention value in human EEG signal analyzed by TGAM module are taken as the optimization objective, the architectural space color and window opening size are taken as the optimization object, the multi-objective genetic algorithm is taken as the optimization tool, and the tool platform and workflow to realize this method are established by combining virtual reality scene and parametric linkage model.

In the optimization process, I called these two algorithms:
But they can’t work properly.
“DatasmithDirectLinkSync” is a rhinoceros plug-in command to refresh the linkage of twinmotion (a real-time rendering software).

okay now we have more information to work out this problem, how long does it take for one solution to run, to compute the objectives? in other words, how often data come back to the GH for optimisation and is it a live loop between Twinmotion and GH?
there might be some incompatibility issue with “DatasmithDirectLinkSync”
it would be great if I could run this file from my end to better understand the problem, but it seems like there are lot of other players involved that I might not have it on my system at the moment.

Hello, sorry, I haven’t come to the forum for a long time, so I replied late. This optimization is real-time. The data changes every five seconds. Because EEG data needs to be output in real time with the help of external hardware, you can’t run this program. It is a live loop between Twinmotion and GH.