How can i make this?

I just want to make this rule of grasshopper.
Rotation of central rectangular can make others move.

  1. Create the alpha square.
  2. Extract corner points
  3. From corner points you create A, B, C and D.
  4. Once again extract corner points from A, B, C and D
  5. Use these points to create the outer squares.
  6. Add rotation to alpha square (at start)

If you are looking for a way to do it with more than these squares, you might wanna look into another solution.

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thanks a lot!

Can you tell me how make more squares around these squares if you know?

Thats the issue, the solution i gave you, will only work as long as you have patience to work with it and is not particularly parametric, since you would have to repeat step 2-3 agian and again for more squares.

I think the “proper” way to do it, would be
A rectangular grid
Find the center rect
Cull those that are inbetween A, B, C and D
Rotate center box globally and every other locally (at their respective centerpoint)
Then recreate the skewed rect (those we culled) from lines created by endpoints.

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Have a look :slight_smile: (19.8 KB)


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