How can I make mesh surface in between closed curves?

Hi everyone!
I am trying to create a mesh in between the closed curves (yellow). I cant find a good solution for that…
Perhaps delaunay mesh -> trim with curves? curves.dwg (89.2 KB)

many solutions here. You can just loft the curves or make a planar surface and then split via curves

mesh between disaligned closed 3d (82.3 KB)

Raw definition, heavy, components inside are disabled (15seconds calculation).

Delaunay mesh from projected point from top won’t work as your curves are in a “strange” 3d arrangment, so i made a patch surface with all the curves to have a “raw structure” (9 seconds here).
Then subdivided the curves to get all the points.
Projected all the points to the surface, got UV coordinates.
Worked flat inside 1x1units (zoom in in rhino grid to see) and culled mesh faces that have center inside of any of the (flattened) curves (5 sec here).
Rebuilted mesh.

Hope it helps…

Cya! :D


Hehe, indeed!

Wuz working on that overnight, and seems like I got some grasshopper overdose
Thank you very much, and good night :slight_smile:

Interesting how you used Mass Addition component.

As I understood it works as some sort of AND gate. I can see that there are as many outputs as branches in the InCurve component. So it basically it sums up the values in each branch, and if the values is larger than 0, then it means True.
And Gosh, I never used “Invert” before, always used “Gate Not” instead! So many new things, cool!