How can I make a jpg plan a different colour when placed with pictureframe?

I place jpg’s of plans into my project using pictureFrame. each to its own layer. I normally have them in black. I need to differentiate between two and made the one layer a different colour but the plan does not take its colour from that, unlike objects.

I looked in properties and saw the color option along with glossiness and transparency, now I know the transparency affects it, but altering the colour sees no change.

I alter its property in photoshop to rgb as it was greyscale, save it, go back to rhino, make color purple, it stays black.

Maybe it needs reinserting , so do that, still no joy :frowning:

I recall choosing a bitmap option in Freehand so as to colour plans up, in Pshop this is greyed out, altering rgb to index colour still sees bitmap greyed out. I know bitmap has no greyscale so I will lose a fair amount of definition in this mediocre quality plan, though I cant make it as such anyway it seems.


Does this help?

Or maybe this? You can also play with the other adjustments in the same section and see what they do.


Hi Mitch, that makes my plan change colour in the sense that the white background goes a shade of purple etc, I can see the plan move about easier with that but the lines on it are what this quest is about, it is a technical plan line drawing of an item in black lines and numbers etc on a white background, these are not any different really to the other plan it sits under/over in a transparent way, even in the new colour this gives, both are set to 70% and I am needing the black lines on the one to be a totally different colour so as to compare it to the other.

With the convert to bitmap method in Macromedia Freehand the image when given a different layer colour then saw the white remain white and the black details go the layer colour. Something that does that is required.

It needs a tech drawing in b/w to fiddle with, …nice waves and scene though :slight_smile:


I guess that’s something you can only do in an image editor like PS. I am certainly not a master, but if the drawing is black and white with a white background, and you use Hue/Saturation and “colorize”, you can change the black to any color you want.


Hi Mitch,
quite right, I can do in Pshop, and have in fact now done so, just means a bit of messing about finding the file, colorizing it, then it should update in rhino or if I wish also for the b/w one, then bringing it in using photoframe again.

downside is I cant change its colour in rhino, another visit to pshop to do so again.


Note that the picture frame is just a reference to an external texture (image). If you open the image in PS and modify it, then save it with the same name/place (overwrite the original file); then back in Rhino, if you run RefreshAllTextures, the picture frame image should update. Otherwise, you can also replace the image in the picture frame with another in Properties>Material tab.


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