How can i lower the scale on this bracelet

Grivna2.3dm (657.3 KB)

Hi - there’s no easy way to do that for such an object.
Perhaps the easiest is to copy section curves of the outer diameter to the inside (green in the attached image), then use Sweep1 to create a new surface and use that to trim the original ones. The hinge will have to be remodeled.

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The best way would be to redo the profile with the correct dimensions, or use grasshopper then make the necessary adjustments. (8.9 KB)

@maimun2002 If you do not want to rebuild the catch & hinge nor learn grasshopper here is a way using flow and sweep. I find modelling much easier when my objects are centred to the cPlane, so I moved your bangle to the centre.

Create an oval that matches the inside of the bangle. Then a straight line that is equal to the circumference.

Now repeat the process for the new desired size of the bangle. I am going to make the bangle larger.

Next split the two pieces of the bangle down the middle.

I am going to do the left side and then the right side. To do the left side first move the closed seam of the oval curves to mid right.

Flow the pieces down onto the flat. Then use the larger curves to flow them back on the larger bangle size.

With the left side done… I am moving the closed curve seam to the left side mid point in order to flow the right hand side of the bangle.

With both sides done…duplicate the edges of the ends and sweep along the large bangle oval curve.

Do the same for the bottom and join and you are done.

To make it smaller (sorry should read better) it is the same process…but instead of the need to sweep you just split the excess in the middle and join.

Please ignore my gumball…it is the tSplines gumball.


@maimun2002 Having lunch with a clearer head and it appears you were after something different? If you just want to make the bangle thicker or thinner do this.

Create the oval curve of the inside shape of the bangle and the straight curve of its circumference. Then flow it down to the flat and scale to the desired dimensions. In this case I reduced the thickness to 80% using _Scale1D from 0.

Flow it back up…

Repeat for the other half (remember to move your closed curve seam on the oval curve) and you will have a bangle to the new thickness that you want.

Perhaps that is what you were after? Anyway HTH


I already fixed the issue by scaling down the cross section curves and flowing it back again, but thanks a lot for the tip i’ll make sure i try it in the future, thanks for taking your time, Cheers!

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