How can I have a constant view to capture different geometries in the same view?


I have a series of baked geometries from rhino and I want to capture them individually in image files so I can display as a table or matrix of some sort in indesign. However, I am quite new to rhino, so I was wondering is there a way to keep a constant view, so the outcome table can have a consistent view in terms of angle and size.



Did you try Namedposition and namedview command?

I haven’t, I am not sure what those do, but i will try google and see if I can get them to work thanks!

Each command has help info in the help panel. This can be opened by clicking the little wheel to the right of the layers tab, to open this panel. Then check auto update, and each time you start a command, the help for that command will be shown. No need to Google…

The NamedPosition workflow would envolve moving each and every object to the same location in the 3D space. By saving a NamedPosition before and after, you will easily be able to move them back to the original position.

That is of course, if the original position is of any importance.

I would assume that it isn’t and therefore my first thought was to move all objects to the same position, but place them on different layers so that you can turn on and off one layer at a time.

Another thing you could try is position the camera in the perspective view the way you want. When that is done (and here you can use NamedView to save the camera position), you can turn on the camera with the Camera command. Then, in the top view, select the 5 camera points and use the move command to move it from object to object by snapping to a point that is (more or less) the same on each of these objects (e.g. the top right corner or so).