How can I get rid of this creases in the terrain?

Hello, I’ve been working with this surface, adding geometry using Loft, BlendSrf and Boolean operations. Now I’ve managed to obtain a closed solid polysurface but I still have all of this creases. Of course the sharp ones around the site are on purpose but then I’d like to get rid of the curved ones to continue working on pathways and stuff. How can I do it? Thank you

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check out this video- It’ll get you there with a lot of control over how the surface blends.


that’ll be deg 1 at the edges so it’ll just make 2 creases, instead of one… If I’m understanding the question correctly, a smooth result was desired.

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Yeah, idk, I guess it depends what the ‘creases’ are. Maybe the terrain is supposed to look wavy. Hard to tell with one image.

I’m attaching two more pictures

. What I would like to do is to remove all creases except for the ones around the site in red. I wouldn’t mind a bit of deformation just like Patch works, but to have it this way complicates future work with pathways that I want to project on the terrain and then extrude; etc.

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you could also quadremesh that to a fairly low polygon count, (build over the red cutout) then tosubd, then tonurbs and then retrim in your red cutout.


I guess that depends what you mean by “creases”. And what the design intent is with everything that’s not red…