How can I get a return in PythonScript?

Hi guys!
I am working in Grasshopper with PythonScript, where I have uploaded ghpythonlib.components library. I am using there a component CurveXcurve and I need to work with the “Points” return. I just have got stuck on how I can get just this one specific return?

Because this component has 3 different returns - Points [points], params_a [number] and params_b [number] and in Grasshopper I can easily just drag the return to next component. But I do not know how to get it in Python.

Thank a lot for any advice.

2 ways to do this, either assign output to multiple variables, or access the first index of the return.

so in this case:

y,a,b = gh.CurveXCurve(…)
or y = gh.CurveXCurve(…)[0]

Thank you!!