How can i get 2d vector file with Mesh colors?

Hello All,

Im currently working with several colored meshes
i would like to be able to obtain a 2d vector file with the mesh and the colors
PDF, illustrator, wmf…
any of these would do

Is there a way to print a PDF or export any kind of vector drawing with mesh colors?

so far i have tried printing PDF, and exporting illustrator and dwg files with no luck



Hi @tmsmendez,

you need to convert the meshes into hatches in order to export it as a vector. Then you can export it as .ai file.


Thanks a lot for the response Miguel

how do i convert Meshes into Hatches?

I normally do one these:
1.- Use grasshopper with the elephant plugin (if the mesh is created inside grasshopper)
2.- Write a script

ok, will try
thanks again

If you need mesh lines with hidden lines removed, it helps to have the polysurf. I extract the wireframe, then make2d the wireframe AND the parent polysurf. This gives me my hidden wires. I do a little clean up then export the visible wires to AI. Now in AI run the ‘divide’ tool in pathfinders on all the unjoined curves. This will create closed curves for all the separate mesh panels. Now you can play with colors/gradients/fills to your hearts content in AI!
This is a perspective view of a simple ellipsoid shown with this render method:

i haven’t tried elephant plugin yet. Sounds like I have to soon though.