How can I fix this problem “Rhino 6 error reporting”pop-up after 6.34 update


I’ve been using Rhino 6 for a few mounths with no issues. recently after a Rhino 6 update to version 6.34 I’ve been getting an error message upon opening rhino.The error with “Rhino encountered a problem and needs to close. Please send this confidential error report now”. then the program is cash.

I try to fixed it with the suggestion form similar problem in this forums (Restart my computer, Update GPU already, …) but it still have this error reporting window pop up.

So Rhino started in the save mode. I can open the flie. But it lost of any plug-ins and very slow. I can’t work.

Please help, Does anybody know how this can be resolved?


Hi - did you get this solved?

The three crash reports you sent in all show the same thing, Rhino is crashing when loading a plug-in.

What third-part plug-ins have you added into Rhino?
When started in Safe mode, go into Options > Plug-ins, and change the list filter at the top to Plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino.
Disable all of them, close and restart.

Does Rhino start normally then?