How can I fix this gap?

Hi everyone, I have a GH file and i want to achieve points on the sections. but in some sections i have two separated curves . there is not any gap in the shape and i confused.

thanks for your help in advance!
file.3dm (177.5 KB) (22.5 KB)

there is a file missing

there is file.3dm in topic and you should put the path in your PC in the box.

As you can see, your brep has naked edges and that’s why the inconsistency of section curves occurs…
and you can’t get the points you want by using Divide Curveincluding discontinuity points. (93.5 KB)

thanks man. may i have your Brep ( correction Brep )?

The fixed geometry was internalized in the brep param container…

i want 3dm file separately

Then, bake it by yourself.

yes man, thanks :slight_smile: