How can I find "loose" or open ends of curves?

The attached file is a work in progress. The tree outline with all the leaves is two parts of a driveway gate. The parts will be cut out of maybe 11ga sheet steel and welded to a framework that fits between two columns represented by the blue rectangles.Hibbons-gate-0420oct.3dm (3.1 MB)
The tree and leaves were traced using a pattern on a different layer. The tree limbs were done first then the leaves. There are three or four types of leaves so after making one of each I copied them, rotated them, and scaled them to fit the given pattern. Here’s my problem or question. I was careful to use the modeling aids to ensure that the ends of the leaf curves met the ends of the tree limb curves. BUT, I may have missed one or more. Before I send this to the plasma cutter I’d like to check but I hate to zoom in on each one and maybe still miss one. Is there a command to find open (dangling?) ends of curves? I know there is ShowEnds. That doesn’t quite do it. I could select one entire side of the tree and try connecting lines but that will only tell me if it can’t be done. I don’t know how to tell where the problem is.
Okay. Sometimes writing about the problem helps solve it. Look at this file. left-half-tree.3dm (1.2 MB)
I took the left half of the tree and put it into a separate file to play. Then selected the entire thing and tried joining everything which resulted in two open curves. Then I could select and see where the sections ended and find the unconnected ends. Is there a better way?

Run SelOpenCrv

This will Join your patchwork of curves into 5 “open” curves, and place Point objects on one of the dangling ends.

Then you’ll know where to Zoom in a fix the curves.

Also, ShowEnds.


Many thanks. I think I’ve got it.