How can i filter branches by boolean values?

I have a tree of distance values that i need to remove any branches containing at least one value that is smaller than 30cm, i tried to do that with booleans, but it didn’t work because one of the values in the branch still “true”. the idea is to remove any branches that contain a false statement.

how can i filter only the “true true” values as shown at the Branch {0}? keep in mind that it will have much more branches, and a simple list item component won’t be optimal.

Thank you for your help!


You could use Not and then Mass Addition. All False values will count as 0, all True as 1. So if the Sum if strictly positive it means you originally has at least a False value.

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Or, similarly, do mass multiplication.
If there is even just one “False” it will return 0.


I would use Mass Multiplication so any false value would make the result zero.

But without a posted file, I won’t bother to demonstrate.

It worked with mass multiplication! after that i just used a dispatch component. Thank you everyone for your help!