How can i fill this space?

part 3.3dm (2.0 MB)


Try untrimming the lower surface, use BlendSrf on corresponding edges of both surfaces, then trim the lower surface and the newly created blend surface.

I tried every untrim command but it doesnt seem to work.

one method:
extract this surface ( RMB on the explode icon)

then lock everything else with _IsolateLock
Later use _ReplaceEdge and select all the top edges to be replaced with a line:

Now you can make a Loft between inner and exterior edges:

then you can use Polar Array to distribute the spheres again and make the boolean difference:

Тhanks a lot and thank you for your time!
It worked!

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When I tried this ReplaceEdge gave me an edge not a line even though the ReplaceWithLine Mode was selected. Is there another setting I’m missing?


the " replace with line"means the continuity of the edge, if you want a curve you need to use DupEdge or DupBorder

Well then perhaps the Mode name should be Replace with Edge!

I also couldn’t complete a loft because I got a message saying I had both open and closed objects or something to that effect.

Thanks for your help.


welll … the command name is ReplaceEDGE you can replace with a line or extend adjacent edges too. check if you miss some tiny edges in the selection , if you are working with the same file it should work as I described above. if not, make a new topic and post the file there so we can help you.

It was the same file but my attempt at a loft was unsuccessful. Let me try it again and if it fails I’ll post the details of the failure.