How can I fill the mesh?

Dear All,

I have made a MeshBooleanDifference and now I’ve got a large opening in the mesh. I would like to fill this hole. What shuold I use?

some information:


ID: 59a8b5bf-2cb8-4c07-9445-5adb5bacc7a8 (48300)
Object name: stone_01_decimat:Group1777 group1
Layer name: Default
Render Material:
source = from layer
index = -1

Valid mesh.
Open polygon mesh: 3140954 vertices, 1048354 faces
Bounding box: (-4304.49,145.634,-2814.11) to (2434.66,3066.17,45.4974)

Thanks, Marci

Hi Marci - FillMeshHole may be what you need - if not, please post the file or send to