How can I fill a triangle with a voronoi-diagram?

Yes, I have looked at it. I´m going to put it into practice. very kind for your help

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Good. If the file above is the solution for your problem please click the Solution box.


BTW: I changed your title so people know what the topic is about

I am trying to make this voronoi model. and it is complicated for me thank you for your help

If you need more help, post your Grasshopper file.

voronoi 2.3dm (34.8 KB)
thank you

That’s an empty Rhino file. Do you have a Grasshopper file?

voronoi (6.9 KB)
i`m trying on what you sent me

I scaled your triangle since you were running into tolerance problems.

I’d also suggest to search the forum on similar voronoi definitions. It’s a hugely popular topic so you will also find many files to look at and learn.

voronoi (16.4 KB)

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You are very kind. Been trying various ways and it was freaking me out When i finish the metal work I send you a photo of how it has been

Your image above shows an attractor based voronoi and rebuilt curves. So many possibilities…

It gives me this error

Try to install

What version of Rhino are you using?

Version 6
(6.1.18023.13161, 01/23/2018)
Retrieving license from License Manager…

Multipipe only works in Rhino 7.

ok, download rhino 7 Thanks

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Hello, I have done the work thank you


Thank you