How can i extrude this curve, with soft edges?

Solid_r5.3dm (3.3 MB)
I want to turn this curve into an object but i cant round the edges, please help!
Thanks in advance.

@maimun2002 you can use filletEdge command after extruding

Thanks for your time, but that’s not what i wanted to do.
I want to extrude the green curve and then round the edges, i tried the filletedges, but it keeps failing.

I tried it, but it keeps failing…

And please send the files in Rhino 5 format

is it what you look for?

i want it to be as shown on the picture

I would say it’s easier to do it through the meshes rather than the Nurbs surfaces. So I uses mesh smoothing from weaverbird to do it. I’m keen to know if someone knows better solution.

Hi @maimun2002
The original curve has some areas with VERY tight curvature (~0.03 cm), so unless you change that or manually build the fillets, FilletEdge is going to fail (except for radii under ~0.03, of course). Particularly the very top/center spike will cause trouble, as it’s an outside edge. Here’s a version where some of the areas have been re-done (including the top) allowing for a 0.08 cm filletedge. Now copy/array as many as you need and use Flow/FlowAlongSurface/Bend to bend them into shape. You might also want to tighten your tolerance it you’re working at this scale - maybe even set your units to mm, depending on the scale of the rest of the scene.
HTH, Jakob
Solid_r5_JN.3dm (3.9 MB)