How can I draw something like that? [tips]


Guys, I’m a student of engineering and I’m desiging this tool:

I wanna draw the orange part for extrude, but it is not easy. Can someone give me a tip? I putted point, but this causes errors.

My file is here. Peça Virtual.3dm (2.6 MB)


This curve has far to many points in my opinion. I extracted the curve and then mirrored it, joined the curves and then extruded it. It is down on the C plane on the right.

Hope this helps you a bit.

Dannykelvin.3dm (2.7 MB)


use the curves you have implemented. in top view draw a line along the points on each side and use filet with a radius of 0.01 for example like one of the others you already had and check trim while doing so. then CurveBoolean click into the area which you want to extrude later and it creates your outline.

Peça Virtual.3dm (5.5 MB)


Amazing, it helps me a loot.

Thank you so much.


Great explanation, thank you RichardZ!