How can I do?

Hi ! How can I do this pattern in grasshopper

on a wall?

I am answering you because I don’t want you to be discouraged by the silence.

Your question (although you might not realize it) has a very complex answer, and most of the users will assume that you are not even going to understand it.
You will have better chances if you start doing it yourself
(to prove that you are willing to put the effort needed to learn grasshopper) and then ask for help when you meet a dead-end.
I would advice you to have a thorough look at these guidelines:

apart from learning ‘the rules’ of this forum, you will also learn some things about grasshopper itself.
good luck!


Try this (9.5 KB)


I think this is could be related to the idea of a line of non-circular gears, triangular in this case, with the z axis giving a snapshot of the rotation at each point in time.

Something like this, only straight.


Thank you!

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