How can i do it?

what rhino gives me in front and left views of clippin plane

and what I want when i’m in left or front view of clipping plane with using set cplane

If the issue is the teal and purple colors at the bottom of the viewport in the orthographic views, this is probably due to the graphics card and/or driver it’s using. Can you post a screenshot of your Open GL info found in Options>View>OpenGL?

At a guess, I bet the driver just needs to be updated.

I mean how can I use the new cplane "that I have set"in clipping plane to see the left and front sections.
Like second screen shot.


How are you creating the 2D lines and hatches? Is that SectionTools? If so, you could check with @rajaa to get some help.

If I am not mistaken, you want to view the scene from the Z axis of the plane which defines the clipping plane?

First start by defining the CPlane. This can be derived from the clipping plane object (_CPlane _Object) with the clipping plane selected. This might not be the exact orientation, so you could also try _CPlane _3Point and derive the CPlane from the corners of the Clipping Plane. Then you can use the _SetView _CPlane _Top to switch the view to be oriented towards the object. Is this what you are after? In the image I post I saved the CPlane as a Named CPlane in case I need it later…

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Tanks for response my friend
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