How can I deconstruct or whatever to extrude normal to a brep face?

I have an extruded polygon, which Intend to manipulate with galapagos, eventually. I am trying to extrude a hole through it normal to a face. I am having a hard time extracting the normal. I double click and type normal and I think I tried every option, but I can’t seem to get it right. How can I come up with a vector or direction or line which is normal to a specified brep face?

In other words, if I increase the number of polygon sides in the extrusion, I want the through hole to still be normal to whichever side face I have chosen with list item. I know how to cut the hole and all, just not succeeding at extracting the normal vector for the extrude.

You can use Evaluate Surface component.

Thank you, I’ll try that. This site is great I was about to do something else but it showed that you were typing :slight_smile:

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