How can I cut surface from projected curves?

I can not cut surface using projected curves or maybe I did it wrong, just I need help please. I attached a image about my problem with this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Why don’t upload your file?

Okay, here is the model…
thank you so much
modelo-galon.3dm (496.5 KB)

Hi Ricky the lower curve is open - there are a few tiny fragments - really tiny - near the seam of the cylinder. If you window around your curves and Join, the result should work for Split/Trim.


Hi Pascal, Thank you so much! you right 100%, the curves were “open”. I applied one tool in curves tab options for close them and work fine!!

Thanks a lot!
I will try to finish this model… I something wrong I will ask for help.

Thank you Costel & Pascal
Have a nice day

Hi Ricky - I would Join the existing curves rather than CloseCrv if that is what you did - it may make little difference in this case because the gap is so small, but it will change the curve in a different way (close with a staight line or force the ends together, depending on how far apart the ends are) than Joining the bits that actually follow the path you want.


Hi Pascal, yes I tried to join them, but the empty space between lines are very very small, and was very difficult draw lines to join them, so I decided to closed them, was more easy. And here is the result.

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Hi Ricardo
By simply changing the Absolute Tolerance from 0.001 mm to 0.1 mm, even the second curve (the “open” one) was able to split the surface just fine.

I noticed in this forum that many problems go away just by increasing the tolerances in your model. For example, when you are building a boat/yacht and then use micron tolerances you are bound to do way too much unnecessary work.

If your model is just a work of art, then your 0.1 tolerance will not hurt anyone. If on the other hand your model is some sort of a cam in a high precision mechanism, then 0.001 precision is a must and you need to put in the time and close that curve.


Hi Costel!, Very good information, I never thought about this parameter, it would have avoided a lot of work.
Thank you very much, I learn a lot in this forum…

Be cautious messing with loosening tolerances in the modeling process - you can end up with more work, depending on what the and use of the model is.


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