How can I create single block that has curved edges but the inner walls are straight and creating separation in between the blocks so that there can be an opportunity to manupulate heights

I’m new to grasshopper and forum. I am trying to create a building block with the combination of multiple block and overlapping having different heights. The problem I am facing is I want the edges to be curved but not the overlapping points and the everlapping lines to be a stright wall. So that we have one a bit tilted exterior wall when we loft and straight inner walls that separates them the we want to manupilate the heights.

So this is my 1st step. where I have multiple blocks put into one block.

The I separated the outer line and the inner lines

on the next step i tried to create multiple curve line and made loft but this is not giving me what i wanted.

This is the result of that… which i dont want

And i also tried for only outer facade as well.

What i Really want is to create straight walls that separates the whole lofted block into separate segments according to the inner lines so that i can manupulate height later on.

so in here the I want to separate the block with multiple straight walls according to the red inner lines and loft it on the basic of orange lines. How can i make this possible

1run (53.9 KB)

you can use extrude command for the inner “red” lines, extrude along Z axis, this will produce perfect straight inside walls

attaching a grasshopper file with internalized data (or rhino + grasshopper file) will for sure allow for more exhaustive answers :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the that. I actually tried that but it doesnt separate the whole building into different part. Because my ultimate goal is have different heights within the building. I have added the Grasshopper file there.