How can I create centroid from a block

How can I create centroid from attached block?

Block (6.2 KB)
block.3dm (24.8 KB)

Hi @sajesh_pj ,
I can’t open your .3dm file, as it is a Rhino 7 file, but check the attached definition.
You just need the “Area” component to get the centroid.
Block (2.5 KB)

updated with Rhino 6 file. Can you check this?
If you deconstruct block, it is not a closed curve to get centroid.

Since your curves are overlaying in this special case I think the simplest would be to get a boundingbox(right click to set it to union box) and take its center:

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here is another way and it turns to be the same as the Boundingbox that Baris said.

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