How can I create centroid from a block

How can I create centroid from attached block?

Block (6.2 KB)
block.3dm (24.8 KB)

Hi @sajesh_pj ,
I can’t open your .3dm file, as it is a Rhino 7 file, but check the attached definition.
You just need the “Area” component to get the centroid.
Block (2.5 KB)

updated with Rhino 6 file. Can you check this?
If you deconstruct block, it is not a closed curve to get centroid.

Since your curves are overlaying in this special case I think the simplest would be to get a boundingbox(right click to set it to union box) and take its center:

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here is another way and it turns to be the same as the Boundingbox that Baris said.

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You may want to use the evaluate box component instead of area, it is faster in my case and you have options to move the centroid inside the box in case you need that.