How can i connect 2 obgects

How can i connect 2 objects that have a gap between them? i dont wanna just fill the gap and lose the dimensions, i want to automaticaly connect them, because its very dificult to do it manualy, much zoom needed and imposible to do it perfect.
Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης (57)_LI|690x388

Hello - it is hard to say without the objects to work with, but this type of discrepancy will need to be fixed at the surface level - Explode, then fix the surfaces. There are various tools that might help, depending on the situation: _MatchSrf, _ConnectSrf come to mind but it might be more complicated than that - best to avoid this in the first place by using object snapping when creating the objects.


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thanks, i did it by typing “move” and then point to move from. It worked perfectly for my needs