How can I compare Mac version vs Win Version running on VMware?

Before I posted a question about the Mac version feeling sluggish compared to running the Win version though VMware I wanted to get some facts.

TestMaxSpeed doesn’t seem to be working properly in Mac WIP.

Is there any other way?

There is not, unfortunately…not within Rhino itself. Getting TestMaxSpeed working is dependent on the animation features that are not implemented in Rhino 5 for Mac. From my perspective, one of the most useful reasons to have these animation features would be to have TestMaxSpeed as a benchmark for comparisons. Without it - or another rigorous way of making comparisons - we are a bit rudderless when it comes to these sorts of potential performance problems. I wish I had a better answer.

What is feeling sluggish? I’m inferring it’s display speed that is noticeable enough to the naked eye.

Seems like selecting geometry, panning, right clicking, is just a little sluggish. it just doesn’t feel as snappy the Win version which is odd since it’s running in VMware. I’d expect the opposite.

while i’m at it, renaming a layer is really slow, but that’s not related to the original question.

@dan after paying more attention, it seems to be drawing feedback items that I’m seeing it the most, snapping, smart track, etc

are there setting that i should look at that might improve the performance? thank you

Interesting. I presume you have Cursor ToolTips enabled…? (Rhinoceros > Preferences > Modeling Aids > Cursor ToolTips)

What happens to performance when you disable them?


seems to have helped so far, i haven’t done anything to extensive to test it. when i know for sure i’ll let you know. thank you.

TestMaxSpeed should be working in the latest RhinoWIP. Give it a try.


i’m still having issues with the lag, it almost makes Rhino unbearable to work with. any other ideas?

testmaxspeed ?? what does this command do ?

Hi Miles - it rotates the current view 100 times and reports the time taken. It is useful for comparing display mode performance, video card performance etc., keeping in mind that for comparisons, viewport pixel sizes should match and there should be no floaters in front of the viewport - toolbars, for example, and no mouse waving while it’s running - leave the computer alone for a few seconds…


i finally figured out the problem, so obvious what it was, i have a multi monitor setup and am so used to typing that the command options window would open on my main display but i was working on another display. as soon as i drag the palette over the lag disappears. why doesn’t that popup in the active window by default?

ah yes, it’s kind of like typing ‘do a barrel role’ into google chrome search :joy: , on a serious note, what is a good result for this, or average or bad ??