How can I close open breps?

Hi everyone!
After Trim Solid I tried to close open brep with Cap Holes Ex. But I have still 2 open breps. How can I close it? Someone can help me? Thanks in advance. (28.8 KB)

Cap requires that the open edge curve to be capped be a plane/planar curve. So the quickest/easiest way to fix a non-planar open edge is to trim it with a plane surface. I typically do that by making a very large circle, sending that to the Surface component to make a planar surface, and then use that to trim the open Brep. It often requires repositioning the planar surface appropriately with a Move component.

Thanks for your reply. But can you show me how to do in this case? Thanks. (40.5 KB)
Solid Trim will leave open BREP.

I don’t have Dendro installed so it’s not clear to me what you are trying to do . But maybe it’s something like this?


If so there’s how I did it: (51.5 KB)

Hi Quan.
But I don’t know why? 2 brep is open and 2 is closed with Solid Trim. Do you have any ideas how can I close it?

They are all closed.

Trim leave open BREPs, Solid Difference trying to not.

Thanks for your help @Birk_Binnard and @Quan_Li. I shall use Solid difference instead of Trim Solid.