How can I clean uninstall rhino all version, plugin?

as per topic? How can I?

Hello - uninstall, then remove any of these folders that may be left:


and remove these keys, if they are present, from RegEdit:



More info here:


Also deleted C:\ProgramData\McNeel but problem in Rhino WIP (8) persists

Try disabling the SectionTools plugin.

Sadly doesn’t work. This problem occurs not in 7 vut 8 WIP only

Turn it off, this is what it should look like:

And we need to Rhino restart.

thank you @inju but no effect. Same right click behavior, have to click at least 2 times that the respective popup would open.


In layer palette right click would not work at all. Only pressing Ctrl will eventually make it appear.

Same applies for the Bottom toolbar. Pressing Ctrl will make it right-click pop-up as usual.

This bar: