How can i change value of area in a 3d surface

hi all
could you please tell me how can i change the value of area of a 3d surface? my area is 50 m2 now. and i change area to 60 m2.


Hi aha
like this?

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Check Pufferfish Scale to Area component that will let you do this uniformly or even non-uniformly. (13.6 KB)


thanks for your response, actually i have a semi- spherical shape, when i use “surface command”, i can’t set my model…
another one instead of surface i used “brep”
however i didn’t see any change in the value of area.

i have a model, like below
unfortunately i cant do what you said

i cant choose “sur command”

unfortunately when i open your in canvas,
i cant see one of your command, in my pc.
do u have any idea please?

did you install the plugin linked in my comment?

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Yes, i installed.


You definitely didn’t install correctly. Do you know how to install plugins? Did you read the instructions text file that comes with the download? Did you unblock the file? Do you see any messages when opening Grasshopper? Do you have a Pufferfish tab in Grasshopper?

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Yes, I have a puffer fish tab in Grasshopper and When i downloaded puffer fish File, I extracted it and then in Grasshopper, file, special file, component, I Chose puffer fish file and then i closed Grasshopper and rhino.

dear @Michael_Pryor
i added ScaletoArea manually, however i have new problem.
in your ScaletoArea, you used Srf, when i use Srf, i cant choose my model,
then i used brep instead of Srf, but area of model dont change. do u have new idea?


@Michael_Pryor (9.4 KB)

DOME2.3dm (164.9 KB)

ufff, turn off your previews. please watch some intro to gh tutorials.