How can I change coordinates so that I can export properly in excel?

Dear readers,

I am busy with export live data to Excel, I am currently doing that with the toolbox TT. If you look at the pictures you can see that de data is exported to Excel. {0;0} goes to (A;1,2,3 etc.), {0;1} goes to (B; 1,2,3 etc.), {0;2} goes to (C; 1,2,3 etc.), and {0;3} goes to (D; 1 and 2). You can see that de date is exported vertical. You can see that {0;3} goes to (D; 1 and 2) and {0;4} goes to (E; 1 and 2), what I want is that {0;3} goes to (D;1 , E;1 , etc.) and {0;4} goes to (D;2 , E;2, etc.). Does someone know how to make this happen?

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Ruben Schmitz

for this single case: dispatch?