How can I carve this into the ground


I need a bit of help with my next step, I have these shapes (see my rhino file) which I want to carve into the ground similar to the Michael Hazer project (see img)
How do I do that?
test01.3dm (2.0 MB)

double posting the same question with different headlines through out forum is just making a mess for you and for others and more difficult to help. i dont mind if you dont like the answers you get, but simply just starting new topics repeatedly will not help you any more, since mostly the same people will see it anyway and maybe wonder, so please keep the same question to one thread.

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I can’t open your file… I only Have Rhino 5 on my Mac… and will have to upgrade the MacOS before I can update Rhino any further.

If you can export to version 5, that would be nice… and I’ll look and respond later tonight when I get off of work.

Aside from that… This photo is much better than the other one you posted… and If saw this originally, I would have been more inclined to model a more realistic example. More often than not I like to take a picture into photoshop and correct for perspective distortions as a first step… that way when you start referencing the photo in a cad program it’s in alignment with the strict axes of the software.

Also, knowing what the name of this piece helps out because we can search on the internet to find other pictures of it… which help to determine how the contours look. It’s hard to tell how much curvature is in a wall looking at it from an aerial photo.

Anyhow, if your up to it. I’d like to see you Rhino file exported to the Version 5 format.

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there is a command called PerspectiveMatch which lets you model with a wallpaper from perspective view. it is pretty useful if you really have nothing else to start from.

i tried to find something with the given name stated above also because the project seems interesting. reminds me a little of the Nazca Lines. i could not find anything in particular unfortunately regarding Michael Hazer.

test01.3dm (1.9 MB)

its by Michael Heizer the city in the nevada desert

your shapes appear to have issues (self-intersections, disjoint, etc.) for quick’n’easy boolean differences…

if by ‘carving’ you mean ‘depression’, then boolean difference should be ok, no? …provided you rebuild your shapes cleanly then subtract them from the big block

this isn’t exactly like the Heizer example but the premise is the same

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Yes like that but I want the middle space also to be removed so it becomes a space between those two shapes

I have highlighted in this image what I also want to be removed or carved out

Would you mind sending that file I want to look at how you extruded that shape to be able to bolean diff it

Also where there is not closure I am trying to make a slope for the ramp/staircase to go into the space from both ends

Ok so Ive managed to come this far, see img, but I dont want it to be a straight cut but a angled so its continuous wall down like the sketch I made on the img.

Also how can I add thickness to the shape like you did _corellaman

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where the perpendicular perimeter touches the floor create an intersection, then offset the resulting curve or use OffsetCrvOnSrf then trim that part from the ground surface off to get a gap and use BlendSrf to get a controlled continuation of the upper slopes. join and use OffsetSrf to thicken it.

How do I remove the red marked part in my image? I want it to be a soft curved end like the yellow part and the outer shape testhelp.3dm (303.8 KB)

for thickness:

extrude a surface or offsetsrf (with solid: yes)

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