How can I build soft surface and volumes in rhino?

Hi guys,
I want to model this sketch .please help me how I can do it.the volume is maid of soft material such as thatch…Is it better to use T-Spline or Sculptris?
English isn’t my first language,so excuse any mistake.

Have you used Rhino before?

Have you done 3D virtual modeling before? If so what software?

You can use both T.spline or rhino mesh tools


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No,it is my first time.

Thanks Oljaito,can you explain more?should I draw curves and turn them to surfaces or draw a solid and subtract of it?
Would you take some simple screenshots of steps please?
I drew some curves and create surfaces by network command,but the result didn’t look real as the sketch…

Best way to start is by going through the User’s Guide and build some simple shapes. Then look at the online video tutorials. Do not assume that Rhino works like Sketchup with some added features.

Thanks of your useful guidance.

Yes, Exactly on that way!