How can I adjust the lighting in my working view port

I would like to add some light to make things more visibel in my shaded working view port, when I rotate my model I have some dark areas it seems like I need a light from on top. how can I do this?


Rhino Options > View > Display Modes > [your mode] > [main page] > Lighting Scheme > Customize…
Here you can add more lights by changing the direction x,y,z to something else than 0.
I looked at the [help file on this](“Custom Lighting Setup”) but didn’t get wiser (@margaret) - I would think that you set the source of the light and not the direction. But I suppose you will find out about that soon enough when you try.

Off topic: @sam, I’ve seen a few instances now where the new system of placing the link that is assigned to a string within the message (as opposed to at the end as it used to be) is causing the link to appear in plain text and not as a clickable string.

Thanks Wim

I don’t quite understand the meaning of your sentence. The custom lights are directional lights, which have no location source, only a direction vector.