How can I add GH components in the Hops functions?

Hello everyone,

Now I am learning Hops, an amazing component. In the Hops FAQ, it says

A: Can plugin components run in Hops Functions?
Q: Yes, all the installed Grasshopper plugins can run within a Hops Function.

However, I can’t find the way to call grasshopper plugins while I am writing Hops script using visual studio code. And I can’t import gh library in VSC.

Any clue for the this is so appreciated!

Thanks you all!

I believe the suggested answer to that question on the FAQ was presupposing that the user was using 3rd party components in a standard grasshopper definition which would then be called using Hops. As long as the plugin is installed on the machine where the rhino.compute instance is running, any Hops definition that contains a component from that plugin should work just fine.
That doesn’t necessarily mean you can access via scripting via Visual Studio. Unless the author of the plugin provides a .dll which allows you to reference that library into Visual Studio and call specific functions, then I don’t think you will be able to use a .gha for that purpose. Hopefully that helps, but let me know if you have further questions.

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Thank you so much, @AndyPayne, for your prompt and detailed reply!
I understand now.