How can i add dashed lines to shape

dear all

how can i add dashed lines to shape? like below picture.
I gonna show circular cross section.
I created a domed shape in rhino and then i used grasshopper/ladybug.


thanks in advance

Use Curve >> Division >> Dash pattern

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I couldn’t find Curve<<Division

But you asked in Grasshopper not Rhino

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I created a model in RHINO and then i used ladybug to calculate radiation on model, when i run ladybug, i would like to see a circular cross section. i dont have a curve, i have a solid model.

You can intersect or extract the naked edge curves from your surface/brep/mesh geometry. There is no explicit solid type in Rhino/Grasshopper (as such). Also have a look here for how to better get support:

Also note that there’s a dedicated forum for Ladybug-specific questions: