How Can I access Gumball numeric Textfield function if it is there?

@stevebaer @brian I am working with the Gumball documentation and would like to know if the numeric textfield is available anywhere to access.

I have been trying to search through the API documents, but no luck so far.
Can you guys please point me to the right direction. Thanks.

Hi @su.lwpac, I think @mikko knows the most about this.

Are you working in C++ or C#?

@brian I am working in C#

Hi @su.lwpac,

The numeric fields, provided by the gumball, are not available in any API we provide.

Why do you need access to this? Are you using your own gumball implementation or do you want access to Rhino’s “auto” gumball?

– Dale

Hi @dale,
Yes i am implementing my Gumball feature. I really like the fact that when you interact with Gumball in Rhino, it gives you the flexibility to either manipulate geometry intuitively or with numbers.

I am thinking it will be a good to have that possibility when one is trying to implement Gumball in there code-tasks.

@su.lwpac, you can implement that by using a form with textbox only. Here is a link to @Dani_Abalde 's Github where he shared the Code for his Gumball for Grasshopper:

You can also read about the same on Grasshopper forum here:

These information will get you started with what you want.

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Thanks. It is what I wanted. although he has written all of it in VB. I will post the code once I have it working in C#.
Thanks again.