How can Grasshopper open automatically when updated silder?

I have built Grasshopper plugin application on rhino. Sample picture:

And I have connect to Grasshopper (sample picture)

I have had a problem:
When I edit slider value on my plugin and click button “Reload” then Slider do not update on Grasshopper.
How to automatic update value on grasshopper when I modify slider value on my plugin?
Or any other way, is it possible to reopen * .gh files in Grasshopper automatically?


Do you keep the grasshopper document loaded while your UI is on screen? Or do you load it anew on every UI event?

Typically changing a slider value involves calling either the GH_NumberSlider.SetSliderValue() or the GH_NumberSlider.TickValue methods, and then either calling GH_Document.NewSolution(false) or IGH_DocumentObject.ExpireSolution(true) on any object inside the document, such as one of your sliders.

I still keep the grasshopper document loaded while my UI is on screen