How can explode surface

I want to shred this surface in its entirety. How can I do it? Get each parcel separately.

Since they are all disjoint, they are already separate entities. Only surfaces that share at least part of one edge can be joined into a polysurface.

Not separate surfaces. Actually I want to lift them all apart but I could not.

Maybe you are looking for Surface -> Analysis -> Deconstruct Brep?


Otherwise upload your file / geometry, it is impossible to tell from a screenshot.

şehir.3dm (145.1 KB)
şehir (11.3 KB)

I would really apreciate if you help.

Please upload just the necessary part, most of peope doesn’t have deconding space plugin.
You can internalise data, right click on component where you have the surfaces …brep and click

again did not happen :frowning:

If you want help, do your best to make it as easy as possible for others to help you. So please follow @laurent_delrieu’s advice and internalise your data