How BlockEdit displays

Hi McNeel,

I need to do this type of visualization to highlight some geometry and attenuate the rest in a plugin using C#.

Is there any way to do it quickly? like some kind of preset display mode? Or do I have to temporarily replace (while a DisplayConduit is active) the materials?

Thank you!

I want this display to only be active while one of my commands is active. Any tips @JohnM or any other?

You could try a semi modal dialog with a display conduit that gets turned off when the dialog closes.

Thank you for the answer. My question was if it was available to be used this visualization, it seems to me a functionality of recurrent use as so that it deserves to be in the SDK, to conserve the materials and the “how looks” using this function.

Using my own DisplayConduit, this is still drawing the default conduit (green, blue and black in the image, mi part is the dark gray), how can I avoid this? or at least the overlap?

I have overwritten all the drawing methods and I don’t call the base methods, how can I solve it?

Doing this seems to work,

  protected override void PreDrawObject(DrawObjectEventArgs e)
       e.DrawObject = !drawnme;

where drawme is true only in the moments that I want to replace the display, and it is calculated inside CalculateBoundingBox() because I guess it’s only called once in every drawing operation.

Please let me know if this is not the natural way to do it.